Top 7 villages to live outside Brighton 

Many of the villages outside Brighton have become increasingly trendy and popular to move to in recent years, thanks to their unique character and charm. They offer a peaceful and quieter lifestyle while still being within easy reach of the city centre and all its amenities.

This means residents can enjoy the best of both worlds, with access to the hustle and bustle of the city when they want it, but also the opportunity to retreat to a quieter and more relaxed environment when they need it.

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Rodmell is a small village located just a few miles outside of Brighton. It’s a popular spot for artists and writers, thanks to its tranquil surroundings and picturesque cottages. The village is also home to the famous Monk’s House, which was the former home of Virginia Woolf.


Pyecombe is a small village located at the foot of the South Downs, around 7 miles north of Brighton. It’s a quiet and peaceful village that’s surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers and hikers.


Hassocks is a larger village located around 6 miles north of Brighton. It has a bustling high street with a range of independent shops and restaurants, as well as excellent transport links to Brighton and London.


Ditchling is a picturesque village located around 8 miles north of Brighton. It’s known for its historic buildings and artisan workshops, and it’s a popular spot for artists and craftspeople.


Poynings is a small village located around 6 miles north of Brighton. It’s surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside, making it a peaceful and secluded spot to live.


Albourne is a charming village located around 10 miles north of Brighton. It’s home to a range of historic buildings and landmarks, including the beautiful Albourne Place Gardens.


Southease is a small village located around 7 miles north of Brighton. It’s situated in the beautiful South Downs National Park, and is known for its picturesque countryside and historic landmarks, including the 12th century Southease church. The village is home to a friendly community, and offers easy access to a range of outdoor activities and attractions.

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