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Jamie Elvin - Mortgage Broker & Managing Director at Strive Mortgages

Learn more about Jamie, his experience and expertise to help on your mortgage journey. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and book a call to discuss your requirements in more detail:

Jamie Elvin Strive Mortgages

Jamie is an expert in all things mortgages, and our most experienced broker at Strive.

He began his journey in financial services during the credit crunch and has since gained a wealth of knowledge from the ups and downs of the property market. His passion for the industry and commitment to delivering an unrivalled customer service experience led him to establish Strive Mortgages.

His “yes can do” attitude and love for the industry has made him determined to help as many people as possible achieve their home ownership aspirations and provide them with access to clear, transparent mortgage advice. 

Jamie specialises in residential mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, and complex finance deals.

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