Critical illness cover in Brighton and Hove

None of us like to think about those ‘what if…’ moments, do we? But if the worst were to happen, it’s always best to be prepared to ensure your home’s security for you and your family.

Look after you and your family

Provide you and your family with the financial security you need when you are unable to pay your mortgage due to a serious illness.

Protect your self-employment

Being self-employed certainly has its perks, but there are also potential risks should illness occur. If you were to be diagnosed with a critical illness, your finances could quickly take a hit.

Peace of mind, no matter what happens

It’s never comfortable or easy to think about such an eventuality, but at Strive Mortgages, our professional team are experienced with handling sensitive discussions and knows how to put you at ease.

Speak To an Expert

Whether you’ve just had an offer accepted on a property and you’re ready to go, or you’re simply wondering how much you need to save for a deposit, it’s never too soon to reach out.

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Why use a mortgage broker for your critical illness cover?

As a mortgage broker in Brighton and Hove, we’re well equipped to handle every aspect of your mortgage application, including securing relevant insurance plans such as critical illness cover.

Moving up on the property ladder or buying your first home is both incredibly exciting and a huge commitment, so it’s crucial to know how your health may affect your financial security. Nobody likes to think about the possibility of ill health, but planning ahead can save you from extra worry during an already stressful time! Securing critical illness cover ahead will ensure you, your home and your family are safe and secure, no matter what the future may hold.

Speak to Strive Mortgages about critical illness cover

Opting for critical illness cover is your choice. If you decide against it, you might find yourself in financial difficulty down the line, so it’s always best to be prepared for every eventuality. This will offer you and your family the peace of mind when it comes to your finances and your home.

For further advice, Strive Mortgages are here to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best possible cover for your personal circumstances.

For more information on critical illness cover, please contact a member of the Strive team, by emailing or call us on 01273 002697.

Frequently asked questions about critical illness cover

What is critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover is designed to pay out if you are diagnosed with certain life-threatening illnesses. Upon diagnosis, the policy would pay out a tax-free lump sum. It’s important to remember that most policies have a defined list of serious health conditions that they cover, with different policies covering different illnesses.
Speaking to a mortgage broker at the same time as securing your mortgage can help alleviate the stress of organising critical illness cover while putting your mind at ease that you’re protected.

Is it worth having critical illness cover?

It’s easy to live in the moment, especially with the excitement of buying a new home. When you’re in good health, it’s understandable to set aside those ‘what if’ questions and concerns. But imagine if your health was impacted by a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, a stroke or a heart attack… When sick pay has come to a halt, it can feel like there’s nowhere else to turn in order to pay your bills.
Plus, if you’re self-employed, your income might drop off immediately, especially as you undergo tests, treatment and recovery. Thankfully, this is where critical illness cover comes into play.
Much like how we purchase car insurance just in case, critical illness cover can pay out a lump sum to help you and your family financially, so you can rest assured your home and bills are paid and secure.

Is there a certain criteria for critical illness cover?

When you seek critical illness cover, you’ll typically be asked a number of questions in relation to your current health and that of your direct relatives. Some insurance companies may require you to get a medical exam before they issue the policy to you, but this isn’t always the case.