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Our team of skilled, experienced mortgage advisors in Shoreham by Sea have over 25 years of experience arranging mortgages and have helped thousands of satisfied customers move both locally and nationally.
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Shoreham-by-sea can be found on the West Sussex coastline, where it has been a settlement since Roman times. A historic fishing village, Shoreham is celebrated for its rich maritime history, and its past is reflected in the Old Shoreham’s cobbled streets and historic buildings. The iconic Shoreham Tollbridge over the River Adur is symbolic of the area and allows visitors another glimpse of the past.

Shoreham has so much to recommend it as a place to visit or live. The shingle shores of Shoreham Beach offer panoramic views and a tranquil coastal escape. Another highlight is the Ropetackle Arts Centre, which showcases local talent and hosts a variety of live performances, exhibitions, and community events.

Shoreham-by-sea is known for its close-knit community, fostering a sense of belonging among residents. Housing options range from historic cottages and townhouses of the old town to modern developments along the waterfront. In the town centre, there are plenty of affordable terraces and flats, with larger suburban homes available on the outskirts of town.

If you are looking to buy a home in Shoreham-by-sea and would like mortgage advice, call Strive Mortgages. We help borrowers in the local area to get the best possible mortgage deal to suit their needs. Contact Strive Mortgages today to start your homebuying journey in Shoreham-by-sea.

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First time buyers in Shoreham-by-sea

The mortgage market can be a bit of a head-scratcher for first-time buyers. But fear not. Our team has been arranging mortgages for years, and we have all the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence. We’ll take care of the mortgage application to the moment of completion and be at the other end of the phone to make sure everything goes smoothly.

First Time Buyer Mortgages in Shoreham-by-sea
Remortgage Services in Shoreham-by-sea

Remortgages in Shoreham-by-sea

If you’re coming to the end of your mortgage term, looking to release equity or are simply curious to see if your current deal can be bettered, we can help. Perhaps your family or marital status have changed, resulting in a shift in your financial circumstances. Whatever your reason for seeking a remortgage, and no matter how complex your situation may be, our team of expert brokers is ready to help.

Buy-to-let mortgages in Shoreham-by-sea

We work with first-time and portfolio landlords to help them secure finance for their next property deal. Buy-to-let mortgage affordability criteria is more stringent than ever, putting a strain on rental margins. Our team of experienced buy-to-let mortgage advisers will assess your financial situation and goals to come up with a solution, including purchasing properties through a Limited Company to offset mortgage interest costs.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages Shoreham-by-sea
Home Mover Mortgages in Shoreham-by-sea

Home Movers in Shoreham-by-sea

Moving home can be stressful enough as it is without having to work out if it’s worth porting your mortgage or finding a new deal. Whether you’re moving to give your growing family more space, relocating for work or downsizing for retirement, we can take the weight off your shoulders and find you the most favourable home mover mortgage deals to suit your circumstances.

Let-to-buy mortgages in Shoreham-by-sea

More and more savvy homeowners are choosing to rent their existing homes out when purchasing a new property to live in. It’s a sound investment for the future but comes with the liability of two mortgages, one of which will be a specialist let-to-buy mortgage. We’ll help you explore the opportunities and crunch the numbers to ensure you maximise your investment.

Let-to-Buy Mortgages Services Shoreham-by-sea
Specialist Mortgages in Shoreham-by-sea

Specialist Mortgages in Shoreham-by-sea

If your income structure doesn’t quite fit the criteria of conventional lenders, do not dismay. We have access to many specialist mortgage lenders that cater to contractors and the self-employed. We also excel in finding bespoke products for professionals such as doctors and teachers. We can pinpoint the right lenders to increase your chances of securing a mortgage offer.

Mortgage Protection in Shoreham-by-sea

Before embarking on such a life-changing investment, it’s important to protect your future from any financial hiccups. Fortunately, as well as being top mortgage advisers, we know our stuff when it comes to life and home insurance, too. We can help you understand what mortgage protection is and isn’t mandatory and search for policies to protect what’s most dear to you.

Income and Mortgage Protection in Shoreham-by-sea

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The Strive Mortgages team is ready and able to assist you in finding the perfect mortgage deal. So why not take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market and independent mortgage advice? We are dedicated to making the mortgage process easy to understand and always go out of our way to make it as stress-free as possible.

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