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Private bank Mortgages

Strive Mortgages is a specialist mortgage broker for private banks. We secure mortgages for high-net-worth individuals seeking large and complex loans. We have access to a wide range of private banks and have helped clients from various scenarios achieve their property aspirations. – High LTV lending up to 95% LTV, or in some cases, 100% […]

Mortgages for Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Welcome to Strive, Mortgage Brokers For Lawyers & Legal Professionals Strive an award-winning mortgage broker. We specialise in securing bespoke mortgage finance for professionals including mortgages for Lawyers & others legal professionals.  We work with many of the UK’s largest law firms and are recognised for our ability to secure finance for legal professionals.  Do […]

Mortgages for actors & entertainers

Strive secures mortgages for actors. We have whole-of-market mortgage access and offer bespoke lending solutions for both residential and investment properties. Our clients include actors and entertainers from across the industry, including high-profile performers. We offer first-class service and are the first choice for many in this profession looking to secure property finance. Challenges of […]

Mortgages for accountants

Welcome to Strive, Mortgage Brokers For Accountants Whether you are employed, self-employed, or a newly qualified accountant, we can help. We work with members of the ICAEW to secure mortgages for accountants on UK property.  We provide insightful, expert mortgage advice and can secure increased loan-to-values and income multiples for accounting professionals. Whether you are […]

HSBC mortgage declined, what next?

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you have had your mortgage application with HSBC declined and are wondering why, as well as what your options are. A declined mortgage application can be concerning, but in many instances, a resolution or workaround may be possible. This guide explains why you may have been declined a […]

Equity partner mortgages 

Strive is a specialist mortgage brokerage that specialises in mortgages for equity partners in law and accountancy firms. Certain mortgage lenders are more equipped to deal with the unique employment structure of equity partners. Challenges when securing a mortgage as an equity partner  While there is no doubt that being an equity partner in a […]

Porting a Barclays mortgage explained

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage Broker Services

If you have a Barclays mortgage and are looking to move home, you may be wondering if it’s possible to transfer your mortgage to a new property and if it’s the right option for you. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about your options when moving home with a Barclays mortgage. […]

Mortgages for yacht crew & Seafarers

Strive specialises in various areas of mortgage finance, with a particular expertise in helping to secure mortgages for yacht crews. We understand the unique challenges faced by those in this line of work and are adept at navigating the often-turbulent waters of mortgage financing for yacht crew members. Challenges of Securing a Mortgage for Yacht […]

Mortgages for professional footballers

Strive specialises in securing mortgages for professional footballers. We work with players in all leagues to secure finance on residential & investment properties. We have secured tens of millions in mortgages for players for over a decade. Challenges securing Mortgages for footballers  It’s no secret that being a professional footballer can be a highly lucrative and high-profile role. […]

Mortgages for Newly qualified teachers

If you’ve recently qualified or are about to qualify and embark on your new career as a teacher, you may be wondering what impact your job status has on your mortgage options. This guide explains all you need to know about securing a mortgage as a newly qualified teacher. Strive is a mortgage brokerage specialising […]