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UK banks to lend on flats with cladding again

UK banks lend to flats with cladding again

It’s been a tough time for thousands of homeowners in the UK with the changes in safety legislation for cladded buildings after the Grenfell fire. But there’s finally some good news – it finally appears that there is some light at the end of the tunnel! There have been positive changes in the guidance for […]

Should I buy property now or wait?

Should I buy now or wait? The age-old question of whether to buy a home now or wait for a better opportunity has been a topic of much debate and speculation for years. However, recent events have only added to the uncertainty and hesitation around this decision. Rising costs of living and energy make it […]

The BOE have raised interest rates

Home Mover Mortgage Jamie Elvin talks all about mortgages for home movers. The Bank of England has just raised interest rates. What does that mean for mortgages? The Bank of England’s decision to increase the Bank of England base rate to 4.25% was widely expected given the recent news about rising inflation. This marks the […]

Post Mini Budget – What happens to the housing market now

UK post mini budget 2023

The UK’s new chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s reversal of the tax trimming measures previously announced could have several potential impacts on the economy. Firstly, it could help to stabilise the pound and restore market confidence, as investors may view the reversal as a positive step towards fiscal responsibility. However, it may also result in a decrease in […]

Will interest rates go down in 2023?

mortgage rates in 2023

Despite mortgage interest rates rising above 6% last autumn in the aftermath of the government’s disastrous mini-budget, there is still good reason for cautious optimism. Those closely monitoring the housing market may have observed a shift in trends. UK house prices have experienced a decline for four consecutive months, including a 1.5% decrease in December, […]